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NIKKEI Introduces "Industrial Business Site Navigator" 

Industrial Business Site Navigator is a comprehensive website that introduces industrial and business sites in Japan.NIKKEI「事業用地ナビ」イメージ
The website is operated by Nikkei, the media conglomerate and publisher of Japan’s largest business newspaper, and the provider of Japan’s renowned stock index.

The website provides a wide range of information regarding industrial and business sites such as industrial sites, business parks, commercial sites, etc. and they are updated by request.  Just like S-NAVI (an industrial and business site navigator in the U.S.), you can search for appropriate industrial and business sites by region.  Each site page includes an overview, local traffic and area information, incentives/support systems, etc. in detail, providing a comprehensive source for useful site information.   Also published on the website are easy-to-follow guidelines for site selection for companies, and various special features on corporate real estate, etc. 

Industrial Business Site Navigator utilizes Nikkei's strong business network and name recognition, and currently has over 400 sites registered by agencies and communities.  It is truly an integrated support website for business establishment in Japan.   
Please utilize Industrial Business Site Navigator for site search in Japan, and S-NAVI for site search in the U.S.

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