2. Agreement of Usage

Agreement of Usage

Stated below is the Agreement of Usage of the website "Industrial Business Site Navigator in the U.S: S-NAVI".

Upon your usage of the website Industrial Business Site Navigator in the U.S: S-NAVI ("this website" hereafter), you must comply with rules and regulations stated here in the Agreement of Usage. Upon your usage of this website, it is assumed that you are in agreement with the contents of the Agreement of Usage herein. The contents of this agreement may change without a prior notice; therefore, please refer to this page always to check the latest contents of the agreement.

1.General Rules

  1. This agreement applies to all the usage of this entire website by any user. The user must observe the rules stated here to utilize this website.
  2. The contents of the rules stated in this Agreement of Usage may change as necessary without a prior notice.

2.Use of Our Services

  1. The user of this website must follow all the laws and regulations upon the usage of this website.
  2. You need to access to Internet in order to utilize this website. It is the user's responsibility to connect and operate any equipment, software, and communication method necessary to utilize this website at his/her own expense.
  3. We do not currently charge any fee for the user to connect to this website; however, we reserve the right to charge fees for the usage of this website in the future.
  4. Information on various activities of Gray Partners, Inc. ("the company" hereafter) is provided in this site. Please be informed that some services may be added, changed, and/or deleted any time in the future.
  5. The company does not at all guarantee any certain offer of our services and/or access results.
  6. Any service of this website may be stopped any time without a prior notice for the maintenance of this website (including emergency maintenance).
  7. It is not the company's responsibility to warrant for any damage to the user caused by the uncertainty and/or discontinuation of the service, etc. of this website. For details, please refer to the Exemptions page.
  8. It is strictly prohibited for the user to use a partial and/or all of the contents of this website for commercial purposes.
  9. A link to this website can be created; however, the company reserves the right to prohibit links to certain websites.

3.Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights regarding any information and/or software used to provide the information ("the information" hereafter) on the S-NAVI website ("this website" hereafter) belongs to Gray Partners, Inc. ("the company" hereafter) and/or those who provide the information to the company. Also, the intellectual property rights of the information published on this website are protected by the governing law. The user is strictly prohibited to reproduce, disclose, transmit, distribute, transfer, loan, use permission for, reprint, or recycle the information, unless the user has a prior permission to do so by the company in advance.


The company pays careful attentions to the information published on the S-Navi website ("this website" hereafter); however, the company does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, and/or safety of the information. Also, the information published on this website is on a part of the activities of the company, and not all the activities of the company. Please acknowledge in advance that the company is not responsible for any results incurred by any judgment or action taken by the user about the information published on this website.

All the published information on this website is current at the time of publishing, and some or all the information may be changed or deleted at any time without a prior notice. Also, the address of this website including the top page may change without a prior notice. Please acknowledge that the company is not responsible for any problem or damage to the user that may be caused by the change of the website address.

The company is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the discontinuation of the services of this website maintenance, any fire, power outage, natural disaster, virus, and/or any third-party disturbance.

The company does not guarantee the accuracy and/or legitimacy of any information published on this website. Also, the company does not guarantee the accuracy and/or legitimacy of the information published on any website that this website is linked to ("linked site(s)" hereafter). If any problem should occur with any linked website, the company has no responsibility for any problem and/or damage incurred, and it needs to be dealt with the linked website(s) directly with the user's responsibility.

5.Handling of Individual Information

The company pays careful attention in protecting the user's privacy upon operating this website. This website automatically obtains Internet domain names, IP addresses, cookie information, query information on this website, and other information related to viewing of this website. The information collected on this website will be used for our information distribution and inquiry response purposes, and also for analysis for smooth operation and improvement of this website. Your opinions and suggestions will be used as reference for our future planning to improve this website. The information collected on this website will not be provided to any third party without the agreement of the person, a legal claim to disclose the information, or any other special reason. This privacy policy is applicable only in this website.

6.Compensation for the Company

Any claim and complaint caused by the user's service usage, connection to the services, violation of this agreement and/or the infringement of the right by the user must be all resolved with the user's responsibility and at the user's expense. If there is any cost incurred to the company in order to respond to claims and complaints stated above, the user is to be responsible for any applicable cost (including the payment for damage).


  1. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Kentucky.
  2. If there should be any dispute between the company and the user about this website and/or this agreement, each party is to correspond with sincerity in order to reach a solution for mutual satisfaction.

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