2. How to use this site

How to use this site

International companies from all over the world have long sought to establish their businesses in the United States. However, the U.S. is still a vast and complex country, and it is no easy task for international companies considering their first U.S. business expansion to grasp all the information necessary to make educated choices regarding this intricate process. Which state has the best location, what kind of communities and industrial parks are located in what part of the country, and other such questions are time consuming to thoroughly answer. Despite these difficulties, international development is still a high priority to both international companies and American communities. Many communities in the U.S. have experienced positive economic changes from international business developments coming to their area, and they are actively seeking opportunities to invite more international businesses to join them.

Snavi is a website that creates a meeting place for international companies considering U.S. business development and American communities who want to attract international companies to be effectively matched for their mutual benefit.

Snavi will shortlist the potential locations for your future business site by region, state and finally community, thus allowing you to search for the most suitable location for your new industrial site. There are numerous websites provided by U.S. communities, and we have reviewed each one of them to ensure that the ones we are introducing are those that are actively inviting new business to their areas.

In the "TIPS Pages" we provide expert advice related to site selection and establishing new facilities in the U.S. As you will see, our TIPS Pages have useful information and resources on topics related to site selection and industrial construction. Topics include business incentives, environmental regulations, transportation, logistics, and more.

Also, on the "Useful Links" page, we provide various links to websites that offer useful information on site selection and construction projects in the United States.

Step 1 Top Page and Area Overview Page

  • Please select the area (Northeast, South, Midwest, West) from the U.S. map on the Top Page.
  • You can see the overview of the area you selected and the states that belong to the area.

Site Selection Homepage

Site Selection Area Page

  • If you have already short-listed possible state(s), please select the applicable state(s) from the pull-down bar "Search States" on the upper left-hand of the Top Page.

Step 2 State Overview Page

  • Please select the state that you are interested in from the State List or the Area Map.
  • You can see the overview of the state and communities on the State Map and the list of the communities in each states.

Site Selection State Page

Step 3 Community Overview Page

  • The communities that have their Overview Pages appear as red andSite Selection Map Icon green icons Site Selection Map Iconon the map. Also, you can find the links to their Community Overview Pages above the Community List.

Site Selection Area Page

  • When you find a community (-ies) of interest and would like more detailed information, please contact Snavi, and we will provide further support to ensure smooth communication and information exchange between both parties.
  • Snavi also provides other practical services such as site selection support. Various types of work and investigation will be required as you select your site, including summarizing site criteria, sending inquiries, contacting possible communities, and touring your chosen site. We will work with you to provide extensive support in order to ensure a smooth site selection process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs.

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