Highway System

It is sometimes said that cities in the United States are made after their roads. The United States began constructing highways prior to most other parts of the world and the highway system is therefore much enhanced.  By understanding the United States’ highway systems, you can realize your goals for effective transportation

       Highways in the United States

In the U.S., Interstate Highways connect all states except for Hawaii and Alaska.  Each Interstate Highway is numbered and is generally called I-XX, or Interstate-XX. Except for some areas, the highway number is a single or double digit number and loop lines in larger cities are 3 digit numbers.  

US Interstate Highways
Map of Interstate Highway
Interstate Signage
(Ex: I-95)
Interstate 95
Interstate Loop Signage
(Ex: I-695)
Interstate 695
Interstate Highway Sample Signage

Other than Interstate Highways, there are also US HighwaysUS Highways were constructed in the late 1920’s and were the main roads until the Interstate Highways were built. With the construction of the Interstate in the 1950’s, the amount of transportation along US Highways reduced greatly. In the areas where Interstates have not been built, US Highways still play an important role in the transportation system. 

                                                    US Highway Signage                                               US Highway Signage
                                                       (Ex: US Route 6)                                                       (Ex: US Route 30)               

                                                          US Highway 6  US Highway Sample Signage US Highway 30

       State Highways
Each state has both State and County Highways that connect the main cities in that area.  These highways are managed in each state or county, and each highway has individual regulations (speed limit, number of lanes, road names/numbers, etc.). Road signs are designed by each state and county, and so there are many different signs in each area.

                                                 State Highway Signage                                           County Highway Signage
                                                         (Ex: Colorado)                                                   (Ex: Baldwin Co, Alabama)
                                                         Colorado State Highway 62 Local Highway Sample Signage Baldwin, Alabama County Highway 64

       TIPS for Site Selection Considering Highways

1) During Site Selection, check the conditions of the surrounding roads, and make sure that you will have easy access of the above mentioned highways

2) Even if the highways are easily accessible, some highways are constantly congested, so make sure to research the traffic patterns around your development site.

Major US Cities Distance Table

3) In the United States, virtually all the public roads are named or numbered, and you can easily reach your destination by using map functions such as MapQuest, or Yahoo!.

For more information on Logistics, see Logistics TIPS page.

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