Air Permit

In the United States, it is usually necessary to obtain environmental permits before beginning plant construction.  There are many different types of environmental permits, but the most time consuming and important one for a construction project is the Air Permit

       Air Permit

In the United States, environmental regulations are strictly enforced by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, and air permits are issued at the state and federal level.

Prior to plant construction , you need to report the amount and type of air emissions from all of the planned manufacturing facilities. An air permit must be obtained prior to the construction of the building’s foundation.  Some chemicals that are not subject to national standards in other countries are sometimes subject to the standards of air permits in the United States. Even if you are in compliance with all necessary requirements in other developed countries with strict standards, it does not necessarily mean that you are in compliance with the standards of air permits in the U.S.

Each area of the United States is classified depending on its air pollution condition, with revisions being made each year. Depending on the area, environmental restrictions may be very severe, and you may have to obtain offset to comply with local regulations.  

Each subject plant will apply for and obtain a permit in either the minor or major source category, depending on the amount of air pollutants exhausted by the plant. If your plant is categorized as a major source, the environmental restrictions are generally more stringent, and it will take longer to obtain an air permit. You may also have more stringent exhaust control requirements.   

       TIPS for Site Selection that Considers Environmental Regulations

1) Upon Site Selection, it is important to check the environmental regulations of all candidate sites

2) It is possible that there are more stringent regulations near areas such as natural parks, so be sure to check these conditions in advance. 

* When the exhaust amount is especially great (Ex. Annual VOC is over several hundred tons, etc.), it will be important to go through a federal level application assessment. 

Snavi provides environmental application research and support services using our local environmental consultant network.  Please contact Snavi if you have any questions. 

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