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What is S-NAVI (Site Navigator) ?
S-NAVI (Site Navigator) is the innovative website we launched to effectively support creating a genuine meeting place for Japanese companies who are considering corporate establishments in the U.S. and for communities in the U.S. who want to welcome them.
Contribution of Japanese Corporations to Local Communities in the U.S.
Since 1970, many Japanese companies have established facilities in the U.S. The number is said to be more than 2,000. Their business development in electrical, automotive, chemical and other areas have energized local employment and positively activated economic consumption to help the quality of living in their communities.
We are certain that the communities who have been assisting with these Japanese business establishments in the past know that it has been a great economic influence in their local economy.
Our New Innovative Service on Internet
Many U.S. economic development agencies and industrial parks have created their own website to actively send messages to attract potential business into their areas. However, that information does not necessarily seem to reach to Japanese companies who are planning to establish sites in the U.S.
We think there are two reasons for this:

1. Language barrier between English and Japanese
2. Difficulty for Japanese companies to reach your site out of thousands of other similar websites
on the web.
S-NAVI will solve these problems by offering the services listed below, and by assisting in matching your community with potential Japanese companies:
・Posting the link to your community’s website.
 S-NAVI has reviewed the websites of each economic development organization appeared on the
 internet and selected the organizations who are placing considerable emphasis on bringing new
 business and jobs to the communities.If we have not listed your website and would like for us to
 post your link on our website, please contact us.
・Creating an introduction page for your community in Japanese.
・Creating your community website in Japanese.
・Offering other services to invite Japanese companies more aggressively.
For applications and/or inquiries, please contact us.

Below is instruction given to Japanese companies as to how to use S-NAVI to find your community
information as well as additional supports provided by S-NAVI.
Step 1 Top Page、Area Overview Page
・ Please select areas (Northeast, South, Midwest, West) from the U.S. map on the Top Page.
・ You can see the overview of the area you selected and the states that belong to the area.
・ If you already short-listed the state(s), please select the applicable state(s) from the pulldown menu "Search States" on the upper left-hand of the Top Page.
Step 2 State Overview Page
・ Please select the state that you are interested in from the state list or the area map.
・ You can see the overview of the state and communities on the state map and the list of the communities in the states.
Step 3 Community Overview Page
・ The communities that have their overview pages in Japanese appear as red red iconand greengreen icon icons on the map. Also, you can find the links to their community overview pages above the community list.
・ When you find community (-ies) of interest, and would like further detailed information, please contact S-NAVI directly, and we will provide further support to ensure smooth communication and information exchange between both parties.
・ S-Navi also provides other practical services such as site selection support.
Various types of work and investigation will be required as you select your site, including summarizing site criteria, sending inquiries and contacting each community, touring the site you selected, etc.
We will work with you to explain this flow, and provide extensive support to smoothly proceed with the site selection process.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs.
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